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I’m Tracey-Ann. For well over a year now I’ve felt an overwhelming urge and have been wholly inspired to start a blog. I wasn’t entirely sure about what I wanted to blog, but I just felt that it was something I must do. So, as it is my custom to do, I’ve spent the better part of a year researching the how’s and the why’s of blogging, the best and the worst platforms, the best and the worst content, etc., etc., etc…I have a tendency to not make any move in any direction until I’m 250% sure that everything is perfect. Which of course is ridiculous because things are never perfect, right? Right! So, what I eventually had to do was schedule the starting of this blog. I had to write it down in my planner, set a date, make a commitment and shake on it( yes, I shook my own hand). And here we are!

So, what’s my blog about? Well, a little bit of everything really. But mostly I’ll be posting about things that are seemingly unimportant, often overlooked but in my opinion, very necessary, nay essential parts of being human and navigating our human world. I’ll share my experiences and give my advice through the lens of those experiences. I’ll share with you the things that inspire, motivate and drive me. I’ll also share my favorite bread recipe(because…why not?)

The road to this point in my journey has been winding and often bumpy as I’m sure it has been for many of you. Although it is my belief that some bumps and bruises serve to strengthen one’s character, there are some that serve no purpose whatsoever and in fact just hurts like hell. One of the things I aim to do with this blog, is provide a road map of my journey, in hopes that whoever happens upon this map will avoid some of the bumps and bruises and also experience some of the many moments of joy and peace I’ve felt over the years.

So, welcome to my blog, How To Human. I hope you’ll find some answers here or, at the very least, something to make you smile. Take care!

❤️ Trace the Wolf Spirit ❤️


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